1.) Arrivederci – Goodbye!

2.) Buongiorno/buonasera – Valid both for starting and ending a conversation. extremely common and used whether in formal or informal context.

3.) Addio – This is a phrase that is very rich in drama. When you say  an “Addio” you are pretty sure you’re not going to see this person ever again. It works for formal and friendly situations.


4.) Ciao or (ciao ciao ciao ciao ciao ;]) – Bye!

5.) Salve – Just like buongiorno, salve works great both at the beginning as at the end of a conversation, and it’s great when you are in an informal context but you don’t know someone well!

6.) Alla prossimaLiterally: at the next! Figuratively: To the next time that we meet!

7.) A prestoLiterally: at soon! Figuratively: Talk to you soon!

This phrase helps anytime you need to sneak out of an awkward meeting or simply when you really don’t know when you will meet that/those person again. So you just say “ok, ci vediamo presto!” or  “a presto, mi raccomando”.

8.) A risentirci/risentirla (if you’re using the “lei” form) – Very formal, used in office/work language and at the end of phone calls as a polite closing form.

9.) A dopoLiterally: at later! Figuratively: See you later!

10.) Ci sentiamo/vediamo prestoLiterally: We’ll hear each other; Figuratively: We will hear from each other soon/We will talk to each other soon; or just “ci sentiamo” / “ci vediamo”

11.) Ci vediamo dopo – Literally: We will see each other after; Figuratively: We will see each other later; or just “ci vediamo”

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11 ways of saying goodbye in Italian
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