Italy means a lot of different things, among which there is the Italian cooking. italia10
This is one of the most appreciated sides of Italian style and way of living.
Remember, in Italian cooking there isn’t just pasta and pizza but loads of other regional dishes. You have to know that in every single Italian region you can find its own typical food and it changes quite a lot comparing the ingredients that are used in north and south of Italy. You are spoilt for choice indeed!
There are different and peculiar dishes with rice, meat, fish, vegetables, pasta and so on. All these ingredients are found in soups, primi piatti (first courses), secondi piatti (second or main courses), starters.
Anyway, don’t forget desserts too.
But now let’s see to practice Italian through our lovely food!

Let’s start from the very beginning:

Pancia mia fatti capanna! this expression it is used before starting to eat, when we see on the table lots of food that we like and we plan to eat a lot, so we hope our stomach gets bigger so that it can keep a huge quantity of food. Literally is “Dear stomach, please become a hut!” meaning “I wish my stomach gets as big as a house”. or simply “Let’s tuck in”!

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