do you wish to learn or improve your Italian?
I’ll be very happy to help you.
You can choose among different kinds of classes:

Visit today to increase your communication skills and train yourself for public speaking.

  • general Italian course: for those who begin to learn Italian, you’ll focus on grammar and exercises. You’ll learn your first Italian words and you’ll gain more confidence in making sentences helpful for the everyday life conversations.
  • Intermediate-advance Italian course: for those who know already something in Italian but want to improve their knowledge. You’ll go through peculiar grammar rules and deepen what you already know.
  • Conversation classes: is your level upper than beginner? or are you looking for help with your general speaking skills ? contact the speech coach nyc and what if you want to practice your Italian with a native speaker? do you want to get better and speak Italian more fluently and easier? you can choose this kind of classes. Thanks to images, photos and texts, you’ll increase your vocabulary, using different and interesting topics during each class. Moreover you’ll have accent and pronunciation practice & correction.

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Italian courses & classes
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