Italian prepositions are one of the most challenging part of grammar for any student together with verbs. Unfortunaltely, there are very few rules in order to make them clear. Prepositions depend on the verb and the noun too.

In Italian there are three kind of prepositions:

  • Simple prepositions:
    DI – A – DA – IN – CON – SU – PER – TRA/FRA
  • Articulated prepositions:
    Any time the following prepositions are followed by a definite article, they become articulated. See the chart below:

  • Improper prepositions:
    They are those adverbs followed by a simple or articulated preposition.
davanti a in front of
di fronte a opposite
intorno a around
sopra a on – over
sotto a under
vicino a near
accanto a next to
a destra/sinistra di to the right/left

AND NOW LET’S COMPARE: when should you use the simple preposition and when the articulated preposition? In the chart there are some words that take both. Mind their use.

in general (no matter which one)                                specifically (you say exactly which one)

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