Non lo sopporto!                                                 lADxoq6
I can’t bear it/I can’t stand him!

Another way to say this would be:

E’ insopportabile!
It’s unbearable/He’s unbearable!

Another verb that is useful in this context is reggere (to hold, to hold up, to bear). Reggere, too, may be used when you can’t stand or bear someone or something.

Non lo reggo!
I can’t bear him!
I can’t bear it!

You may recall  retto is the participle of reggere.

Rodolfo non ha retto il peso della mia malattia.
Rodolfo couldn’t bear the burden of my illness.

It can mean physically holding something, as in:

Mi reggi questa borsa un attimo?
Could you hold this bag for me a moment?

Or holding onto, as in:

L’alcol, l’alcol, non lo regge… -Eh. -Che, tu lo reggi?
The alcohol, alcohol, he can’t hold his… -Yeah. -What, you can hold yours?

Italian verbs: sopportare (to bear, to put up with, to tolerate)
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