Online Italian lessons: It’s as easy as making a Skype call!

1. How do online Italian classes work?torino
My online Italian lessons are conducted using Skype. If you don’t have it installed on your pc, clicking on this link you can download the latest version and you will be walked through the installation process.
I usually use only the microphone and not the webcam, because webcam can slow and delay connection between us and because I very often use the screensharing on Skype.

2. What payment methods do you accept?
I accept Paypal payments (preferred) or Skrill payments or through credit cards.

3. Do you give a free trial lesson?
Yes. During the free trial lesson (20 minutes), you will discuss your goals in learning Italian, check your level of Italian, so that I can develop a learning plan specific to your needs.

4. How do I book a class?
Email me or Skype me your request, and I’ll reply according to our availability.

5. Do I pay before or after the class?
Classes must be paid in advance. In order to receive discounts, 10 classes must be booked in advance. (You can split your payments in two transactions)

6. My schedule is not predictable. Are you flexible with scheduling?
Of course I am. I understand that most people work and can have extra hours at work, or simply feel tired. So we’ll check together when it is convenient for us both to reschedule the lesson. Remember! Always inform me about changes in advance, thank you.

7. What happens if I cannot attend a class and have to cancel?
If you must cancel a class, you will not be charged if you give me a notice of 4 hours. If you do not show up for a class or cancel a class within less than 4 hours, you will be charged 50% of price for the lesson.

8. Do you teach on the weekends?
Yes I teach both on Saturday and Sunday.

9. Can I stop at any time?
You are free to stop at any time, so am I. We don’t have any contract, so if you think you can’t have classes anymore, you can email me. The same things with me, if my life changes and I cannot give lessons any longer, I’ll inform you right away.

10. What if the internet connection is poor or goes down?
If the internet connection is poor or goes down, the class will be rescheduled for a later date.

Online Italian lessons – how do they work?

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