Dear Student

By using the service of you accept and are bound to the following terms and conditions:

1. COSTS: All the prices are visible on Live-Italian internet site at this link: and regard only lesson fees.
Regarding discounts, see point 2.
Prices of all Services are subject to change.

The cost of Italian language classes does not include:

  • text-book
  • the cost of any external exams, such as CILS or CELI
  • other “paid” social/cultural activities

2. DISCOUNTS: The price due is that which applied at the moment of booking, and any discounts which may be applicable are those which were advertised at the moment of booking. However, other aspects of the conditions relating to the organisation of Italian language courses may vary for commercial reasons from the moment in which the course is booked. For this reason, reserves the right to vary course prices, discounts, and other details.
Clients should find out about available discounts by referring to the Live-Italian internet site and must ask for a discount, if applicable, at the time of booking or at the time the balance of the course price is paid . No discount will be given if the student has not requested it by the time the balance of the course price is paid. Discounts are only given at the discretion of
However, if the student wants to take a long-term Italian course, further discounts will be given.

3. REFUND: you cannot be reimbursed for your lessons. We do not ask for a long commitment. The minimum is a series of five appointments, and you can take more than one class per week if you wish.

4. BOOKING A LESSON: Lessons can be scheduled the week before by email or Skype. Lesson bookings for the day after will be not accepted.

5. NO SHOW: (when the customer fails to appear at the class):
teacher waits 10 minutes if you do not show up: If you make a lesson reservation, but fail to show up within 10 minutes following the lesson start time, your teacher reserves the right to leave the classroom. In case of No Show, it will be charged the total amount of one lesson rate as agreed.

6. ABSENCE NOTIFICATION: If you book a lesson, but then you have to cancel it or change it, you must inform the teacher by email: or by mobile (ask your teacher) at least 1 hour before the lesson start time. If you notify your absence before 1 hour, you won’t be charged of any fee. But if you fail to do so, and you notify after 1 hour, you’ll be charged of 100% the lesson fee.

7. INTERNET DOESN’T WORK: If so, you should inform your teacher by mobile and then ask to reschedule the lesson.
If the teacher has no internet connection, the teacher will personally inform you by sms on your mobile.
If the internet connection is poor or goes down during the lesson, the class will be rescheduled for a later date.

8. LONG TERM BREAK:  If you can’t take classes for a period that lasts more than 45 days, you’ll lose your credits.

9. MODIFICATIONS TO THE SERVICE AND PRICES: reserves the right at any time and from time to time to modify or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, the Service (or any part thereof) : Notice of such variations will be published on the site.

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